dog corn holders

Dog Corn Holders

You can literally say you’re holding and eating a corn dog. Okay, maybe not literally, but pretty close. You can also choose little beer cans, popcorn buckets or pigs as corn holders. They’re all

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oreo most stuf

The Most Stuf Oreo

If you absolutely love the cream, then these limited edition Oreo cookies are a must for you! Dipping these ones into milk is the ultimate Oreo experience you can have. You know how most

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not today mug

Not Today Satan Mug

The devil is tempting us every day, especially with sugar filled coffee, but you need to have the power to say, “Not Today, Satan,” at least for a day at a time with this

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spaghetti measurer

Spaghetti Measurer

Count me in for that dinosaur portion because I love me some spaghetti! Not only is it efficient and useful to control your portions, but also incredibly cute and makes for a great gift,

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personalized m&ms

Personalized M&Ms

Personalized M&Ms! Who even thought could be possible? If you love these so much you’d want to have your own design, here you go. You can create some for your wedding, birthday party or

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bacon spread

Bacon Spread

You like bacon but you also like jam? We got you. This spread not only does it include sweet jam but also salty bacon. Comes with three different flavors and you can order a

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narwhal slippers

Narwhal Slippers

Choose life, choose narwhal slippers. If you want your feet warm, this is it. Look no more. They are also USB powered to make them even warmer. It’s as hot as it could get

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weighted blanket

Boyfriend Blanket

If you’re single or in a long distance relationship, this blanket will help you fill the avoid without any judgement. It’s weighted, comfortable and a hug simulator. Who needs a lover when you have

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pasta maker

Pasta/Noodle Maker

You like the taste of handmade pasta but it’s such a hassle to make them? Fear no more. With this pasta maker, you can quickly and easily make them and enjoy your delicious pasta.

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donut toaster

The Donut Toaster

A toaster that toasts … donuts? Yes, and in fact, they are mini donuts to be precise. If you have kids, this little item will make for some fun toasting activities with them while

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mouse pad hand warmer

Paw Hand Warmer

Human hands are paws too and they deserve to be kept nice and warm, especially if there’s some gaming to do. Soft, comfy and easy to warm up, why wouldn’t you like such a

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cheese raclette

Melting Cheese Raclette

I know you’re drooling just looking at this picture. I mean, a set that keeps the cheese melting and ready for you to easily let it slide on your food while that oozing cheesy

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ring light for phone

Phone Ring Light

You often find yourself wanting to take a nice quick selfie, but you don’t have that perfect light for the perfect selfie every time? Frustrate yourself no more! Here’s a ring light for your

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hot dog bed

Hot Dog Bed

If you ever needed a pun that transcends into the real world, here it is. Your dog will have no clue why you and your friends start giggling when he gets into his bed.

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desk zen garden

Desk Zen Garden

We can’t all have a full-fledged zen garden just casually in our backyard, but at least we can bring a little one (quite literally) right on our desk. When you’re feeling stressed out and

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cat door

Cat Door

It was about time for us to start making cat doors as well! Our lovely pets deserve better from us and we are finally starting to be more considerate about their needs. I mean,

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the dude diet

The Dude Diet

Who says dieting is just for women? This is a dude diet book to make men feel more manly about losing those extra pounds. The recipes are so delicious and easy to make that

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digital highlighter

Digital Highlighter

Now this is a futuristic approach to studying! This might be the thing you need to be able to study faster and more efficiently for those hard hitting exams. The pen scans the paragraph

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exploding kittens card game

Exploding Kittens Card Game

The most-backed project in Kickstarter history with illustrations by The Oatmeal is here to give you and your friends a blast, maybe quite literally. Exploding kittens, laser beams, what more can you want from

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darth vader vacuum

Darth Vader Vacuum

I am your vacuum! Who doesn’t want Darth Vader’s face running around the house and cleaning all the dirt? That’s what you get for joining the dark side. Good thing about this is it’s

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potion desk lamp

Potion Desk Lamp

We know how it is to feel like you’re in need of a small potion of haste, mana, life or whatever else you might be in desperate need of, so we’ve got you covered

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