pizza chair

Pizza Chair

When you love pizza so much, you need to sit on it 24/7. I don’t know how good this chair would be for your appetite but it certainly looks

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Chocolate & Caramel Apple Party

Caramel Apple Maker

Behold, a great addition to parties! This will be quite unique to have to serve guests and super delicious. It lets everyone choose their toppings and eat at their heart’s content. If this doesn’t

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llama duster

Llama Duster

Dusting is always a boring task to do, but add a llama to it and it instantly makes it better! Llamas make everything more fun, am I right? This can be your last resort

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dinosaur rain coat

Dinosaur Rain Coat

Make your little one look like a smol dinosaur with this cute rain coat! This way, rain will be more pleasant when you’re outside and lets your kid have more fun playing pretend.

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pokemon pet carrier

Pokemon Pet Backpack

There now is a Pokemon version of the famous pet backpacks. Now you can actually claim that you have a Pokemon and can release it at any time for battle. You know what, maybe

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unicorn neck pillow

Unicorn Travel Pillow

Usually neck pillows aren’t that fancy and attractive so who wouldn’t want to kick it up a notch and fashion it up with some style? Sure, it’s unicorn style, but hey, it’s a style.

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solar powered string lights

Solar Powered String Lights

Who doesn’t love string lights? They beautify your yard, trailer or room so well. What’s even greater than that is having them being eco-friendly and just have them be solar powered. Easy, good for

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solar system crrystal ball

Solar System Globe

Not only is it a cool looking and creative globe, but it can also help your kids learn about our solar system in a pretty fun way. Unfortunately, Pluto is not included, which makes

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mini claw game

Mini Claw Game

You can now have your own mini claw machine so you can get frustrated 24/7! Put anything you want there, candy, plushies, whatever fits and try to get them out with the claw. If

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extreme post it notes

Extreme Post-it Notes

Be it rain, frost, fire, thunderstorm, apocalypse, these post-it notes will resist! You can put them on curved or wet surfaces, jars that are frozen or any other tough condition and they will

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giant kirby plush

Giant Kirby Plush

If you’re not getting this for the nostalgia of the 90s Nintendo game, at least get it for the fluffiness. It’s always nice to have something to hug when you sleep, especially if you

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rainbow drink float

Rainbow Drink Float

Summer is coming and you need to be ready for any pool party you might host! This rainbow holder is definitely a must for any successful party. It can hold drinks, snacks and possibly

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survival tent

Emergency Survival Tent

Meet world’s toughest ultralight survival tent that will come in handy if you find yourself in a scary situation. It can fit two people, it has all weather protection and it can be set

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cat butt magnets

Cat Butt Magnets

Yeah, magnets! Here are the things we all love combined. Magnets, cats, and … Butts. Normal magnets are becoming quite bleak, so here are some cat butts to spice them up. They make for

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emergency bank

Emergency Money Bank

If you think getting a piggy bank is childish, this is a pretty nice alternative. In case you have a snack emergency and you have no cash left, break the glass and get the

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giant blow pop

Giant Blow Pop

Beware the giant pop that contains 8 blow pops in different flavors! It’s a delicious lollipop with flavorful bubble gum in the center. These might give you cavities, but it’s all worth it in

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