how to swear

How to Swear Book

Do you wanna swear in a grammatically correct way? This is the book for you. Find out the origins of swear words and how to use them properly. If you’re gonna swear, at least

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finger twister

Finger Twister

Too lazy or not physically fit and yet you love a good game of Twister? Search no more! This mini board of Twister can be played with just your fingers. You will have flexible

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animal pencil case

Animal Pencil Cases

Get your kid a funny and cute animal printed pencil case! They’re so adorable. It certainly brings a unique effect to your normal pencil cases and it will make any kid happy to use

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one reaper chip

One Reaper Chip Challenge

How bad can a single spicy chip? Well, do you have the courage to try it out? It’s spiced up with California Reaper, world’s hottest chili pepper. It is a pretty popular challenge going

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cheer up tea

Cheer Up Christmas Tea

If even Christmas itself can’t cheer you up, try this calming, yet slightly aggressive tea. It is a black herbal tea that contains bit and pieces of Christmas candies, perfect for the winter theme.

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what do you meme

What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme? is an adult game that’s absolutely perfect for parties or for a relaxed hangout with some friends. What you have to do is pretty much match the text you’re given

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die hard christmas book

A Die Hard Christmas

If you think Christmas is softening you up and are in need of something manly, check out this Die Hard Christmas version storybook for adults. It’s got action, terrorists, machine guns, everything to make

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star wars christmas sweater

Star Wars Christmas Sweater

Christmas time means time for ugly sweaters! Hmm, or maybe these sweaters aren’t that ugly, right? Besides, you can choose other types, heroes, games and other bunch of stuff to suit your personality. Buy it for

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krispy kreme jelly beans

Krispy Kreme Jelly Beans

You love both Krispy Kreme donuts and jelly beans? Then congratulations, you just found the snacks that will give you diabetes. In all seriousness though, these are incredibly delicious, addictive and it’s worth all

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illuminated gifts

Illuminated Outdoor Gifts

Christmas outdoor decorations are a must for everyone and what could be better than some illuminated sparkling gifts? Easy to install, easy on the eyes, definitely something worth having to make your house incredibly

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friendzone shirt

Friendzone T-Shirt

If you keep getting friendzoned, well, at least wear that shame with pride. People will take a moment of silence for you with sympathy. Everybody gets friendzoned at some point so the least you

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cars sunscreen

Lightning McQueen Sun Screen

Fan of Disney Pixar movie Cars, plus have a red car? Then what are you waiting for? Turn your car into Lightning McQueen in an instant with this awesome sunscreen! You can choose others colors too,

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pain blocker

Pain Blocker

Buzzy is a pain relief device to help you deal with the pain of needles. You can help your kids with this whenever they have trouble taking a vaccine, injections or any other sort

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totoro soot sprite slippers

Totoro Sprite Slippers

Yes, it’s yet another My Neighbor Tororo item! These cute dust bunnies warmed our heart while watching the movie, and I’m sure many feel the same. These slippers do them justice! They are cute, incredibly

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thug kitchen cookbook

Thug Cookbook

Learn how to cook in a thug way to not lose any of your manliness! Contains more than 100 delicious recipes, instructing you to cook them in a very encouraging way. The book doesn’t

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japanese candy

Japanese Candy Pack

Japanese candies are really something else. Try all sorts of unique flavors and see for yourself. This bag contains 34 packs of 27 types of the most popular Japanese snacks. They’re good for parties,

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spongebob aquarium ornaments

Spongebob Aquarium Ornaments

Is there anyone who doesn’t love Spongebob Squarepants? I think not. Create your own Spongebob aquarium with these awesome ornaments. You get Pineapple House, Squidward Easter Island and Krusty Krab, all for a reasonable

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